1 Jesus the Lord of love and life,
draw near to bless this man and wife;
as they are now in love made one,
let your good will for them be done.

2 Give them each day your peace and joy.
let no dark clouds these gifts destroy;
in growing trust may love endure,
to keep their marriage - bond secure.

3 As they have vowed to have and hold,
each by the other be consoled;
in wealth or want, in health or pain,
till death shall part, let love remain.

4 Deepen, O Lord, their love for you,
and in that love, their own renew;
each in the other find delight,
as lives and interests now unite.

5 Be to them both a guide and friend,
through all the years their home defend;
Jesus the Lord of love and life,
stay near and bless this man and wife.

James Edward Seddon (1915 - 1983)
© The Representatives of the late James Edward Seddon / Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 3057241