Let us sing to the Lord, our Creator;
let us praise him for all he's made:
for the mountains and seashore and rivers,
for the snow and wind and sun and shade.

God our Father,
Jesus, Saviour,
Holy Spirit,
help us learn your ways,
live to please you,
love and serve you,
honour you with all our praise.

He made trees and the birds and the flowers;
he made rain and the rainbow, too.
Let us sing of his power and his glory -
there is nothing that our God can't do!
God our Father ...

Let us join with the whole of creation,
let us praise our great God and King,
as the angels, who worship in heaven,
sing in chorus with the praise we bring.
God our Father ...

Irene Jarvis

(c) Irene Jarvis/admin. The Jubilate Group


CCL# 7075862