1 Let God arise! his enemies, be gone
and melt like wax before the Holy One.

2 Make known the Lord, and sound his name aloud
to praise the king who rides upon the cloud.

3 Father and judge, he gave the world his law
with freedom, love and justice for the poor.

4 God marched ahead, strong shepherd of his flock;
the heavens opened; earth in terror shook.

5 God spoke the word, and faithful was the band
of those who took his truth to every land.

6 See God ascend, with captives as his prize,
and gifts for all who shall in him arise.

7 Bless day by day the living God who saves,
who raises up his people from their graves.

8 Draw near the throne: musicians, lead our song!
all nations, tribes and races join the throng.

9 All strength is his! the rebels reign no more;
he scatters all who take delight in war.

10 God rules on high, and mighty is his voice:
to God be praise; in God we shall rejoice.

11 Glory to God, creator, saviour, friend
whose greatness, love, and wisdom never end.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 68
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns
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Tunes: SONG 46; ALL STRENGTH (Noel Tredinnick)

CCL# 3808823