1 Life-giving Christ, our hope and head,
who met the sad and raised the dead;
new miracles of love begin
for mourners, and the dead in sin.

2 Draw near to homes of double death
where stirs no sign of pulse or breath:
confront this last of enemies;
command the dead, that they arise!

3 By the compassion of your heart,
your Spirit given, your hand stretched out,
by costly power and kingly word
bring life to lifeless ones, O Lord!

4 So shall they rise and breathe and speak;
death's powers dissolve, its shackles break:
old wounds are healed, old wrongs put right;
on ancient darkness shine your light!

5 Then filled with praise and holy fear
let all in wondering faith draw near
and know that Christ our hope, our home,
our prophet and our God, has come.

6 Praise Christ who raised a widow's son;
in Christ the Father's will be done:
Christ with the Spirit's fulness came;
all glory to the Saviour's name!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3808830