1 Listening child of God,
coming one, who came,
spoken, speaking word:
Jesus is your name,
breath who tunes our song,
wisdom at our side,
weakness, you are strong;
life, for us you died.

2 Diamond in the dark,
lion, worm, and lamb,
arrow to the mark,
evermore I AM:
stem and branch and shoot,
well and waterfall;
tree and flower and fruit,
maker, all in all.

3 Rock and corner stone,
link and go-between,
seen and still unknown,
known and yet unseen:
secret, hidden seed,
gift of broken bread;
Israelite indeed,
sign with arms outspread.

4 Deeper than our text,
higher than our tune;
questioning, what next?
You are coming soon!
Near, yet way beyond,
far above, yet here:
move us to respond,
for the time is near.

Christopher Idle b. 1938

© Christopher Idle/ Jubilate Hymns

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CCL# 5624184