1 Look on my heart, O Lord of light and dark;
look on my soul and weep at what you see. 
O Lord of life, of beauties rich or stark,
look on the desert spreading deep in me,
and send me hope: a song, a seed, a spark
one day to flower, though now must barren be.

2 As watchmen wait, I wait, O God, for dawn
while daylight shines on others, left and right.
I watch for day, though night goes on and on
and I have lost all memory of the light.  
Rise up, O Sun, till shadows all are gone;
revive my soul, and make my darkness bright. 

3 Come, Spirit, come with groans too deep for words;
come speak for me when I have no words left.
Cry out my pain, and let your voice be heard
when mine is gone, my heart and soul bereft.
I sit in silence, every hope deferred;  
yet hear me still, though all the world is deaf.

4 Through desert days and night’s unending dread,  
my silent dungeon hidden deep from view, 
stay with me, Lord. Be life when all is dead; 
when all I know is false, be ever true.
Oh, do not leave me; stay as you have said.
All else is gone, and all that’s left is you.


Kate Bluett

CCL# 7184928