Looking back but moving forward,
Lord, our times are in your hand.
You're the God who never changes,
God of every age and land.
You're our End as our Beginning;
You were there when time began
and through all the years of history
you've been working out your plan.

Looking back but moving forward,
you have blessed us year by year.
Thank you, Lord, for those whose vision
built our church and served you here;
and successive generations
bearing witness to your Name:
yesterday, today, for ever
Jesus still remains the same!

Looking back but moving forward,
times have changed and much is new:
smart phones, lasers, transplants, space flight -
things our forebears never knew.
Yet you're Alpha and Omega,
God of then and God of now.
As we serve the present age, Lord,
by your Spirit show us how.

Looking back but moving forward,
as we celebrate today,
giving thanks for all that's past, we
pledge ourselves to walk your way.
Holy Spirit, lead us onward;
keep us faithful to your call.
May this ever spur our mission:
Jesus Christ is Lord of all!

Brian Hoare (b.1935)
© Brian Hoare, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre / Suggested tune: 8 7 8 7 D / GRACIOUS STREET (Brian Hoare)

CCL# 7051537