After Psalm 37

1 Lord, guide us as we navigate
through life's confusing maze
where wrongs are often unresolved
and values drift in haze.
Instead of bursting out in rage
when faced by evil scenes
may we be still, and wait until
your justice intervenes.

2 The pure in heart, the merciful,
the generous and the wise,
depending humbly on your grace,
are pleasing in your eyes.
May we like them receive your love -
Forgiving, deep and broad,
and with a bright, distinctive light
respond in service, Lord.

3 What joy is theirs who seek your truth,
resisting pangs of fear!
Give all who suffer, faithful God,
the strength to persevere.
Though trouble-makers prosper now
they will not long survive,
but those oppressed will be at rest
and in your kingdom thrive.

4 This world is scarred by wickedness -
abuse, indifference, greed:
as pilgrims, may we live for Christ
and look to him to lead.
Support us when we stumble, Lord,
and though our trials increase
may we discern at every turn
your presence and your peace.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group