1 Lord, help us to remember
the victims of past wars:
the ones who fell in combat
believing in the cause,
the ones pressed into service
who fought against their will,
the ones who suffered torment,
the ones who suffer still.

2 Lord, help us to acknowledge
the reasons why they died:
the leaders who chose warfare
through prejudice or pride,
the patriotic fervour,
the failure to foresee
how vast and how appalling
the loss of life would be.

3 Lord, help us to consider
the conflicts of our day:
the cruel and complex struggles,
the games the powerful play, 
and, by your Holy Spirit,
enable us to stand
for justice in all nations   
and peace in every land.

4 For when you lived among us,
our true, incarnate Lord,
you fought the powers of evil
with love, and not the sword.
You lived and died to save us,
and worked your Father’s will: 
to show your power through mercy,
to heal and not to kill.

5 Lord, give us grace and courage  
to live by your commands,
to love our fellow-humans
with all that love demands;
and may we truly honour
the fallen of the past
by working now for justice,
to build your peace at last.

Sue Gilmurray

words © Sue Gilmurray / Jubilate, administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7119533