1 Lord, how we treasure
helpers and carers,
neighbours and workers,
answers to prayer;
sometimes in silence
sitting beside us,
bringing a blessing
just being there.

2 Proving a godsend,
serving with gladness
those in their last years
or in their prime;
bearing the burdens,
working or waiting,
hearing our stories,
giving their time.

3 Whether by daylight
or the long night hours,
sometimes in crisis,
sometimes in calm;
blessed in their wisdom,
skilled by their training,
trusting through weakness
on your strong arm.

4 So make us helpers
formed in your image,
patient to comfort
those in our care;
weep with the mourners,
laugh with the joyful,
willing to listen,
ready to share.

5 Help of the helpers,
Carer for carers,
God never-sleeping,
Maker and Friend,
Father of Jesus,
you never fail us,
keeping each promise
through to the end.

Christopher Idle

The words of this lyric, no. 1159 in "Praise!", are included by permission of Praise Trust and Jubilate as part of the podcast series: 30 Hymns: Christopher Idle with Lance & Sue Pierson
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