1 Lord, we bring to you our nation
as we stand before your throne,
at this time of transformation
where the future is unknown.
Give us leaders filled with wisdom,
who will stand for what is right.
May your people seek your kingdom;
make us beacons of your light. 

2 Heal, O Lord, the deep incisions 
tearing through community;  
stem the hatred, mend divisions,  
foster peace and unity.
For the scandal of injustice, 
grant compassion, truth and love.
May repentance rising in us
touch the heart of God above.

3 Lord, we pray for every neighbour
caught in pain or grief or need;
grant a fair reward for labour,
banish poverty and greed.
And to all who flee from danger
let our refuge show your care.
May our land embrace the stranger,
give, and love, and serve, and share.

Rosamund Dakin

CCL# 7184934