This hymn is suitable for dedication or baptism of children. For dedication use please see the note at the foot of the hymn.

1 Lord, bless and keep these little ones,
your blessing be their joy,
your keeping, their most certain strength
that nothing can destroy.

2 So look upon these little ones,
and make your face to shine,
that they may see, through hopes and fears,
your countenance divine.

3 Thus may these precious little ones
grow in that heavenly grace
which little children long ago
found in your holy face.

4 Your peace be with these little ones
not as the world would give;
for yours is peace that will not fail
as long as we may live.

5 Now we baptise these little ones
in deepest joy and praise;
prepare our hearts to love them well
and guide them in your ways.

Paul Wigmore (born 1925) © Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns CM

Alternative tune ST BOTOLPH (Gordon Slater).
N.B. Verse 5 may begin "We dedicate these little ones".
For one child see version  "Lord, bless and keep this little child"