Lord, build a bridge with us
across the stream for those
who struggle for a stronger faith,
the step of faith we chose.

Revitalise our minds
to face our neighbour's doubt;
let our response be such, that some
find fear turned inside out.

Awaken us to youth;
the challenge of the new,
the readiness to leave behind
what yesterday might do.

Alert us to the sad,
the sharpness of their pain
that we may share the Easter word
of hope that springs again.

Persuade us to befriend
those drugged by false delight;
to witness to the love of God
who yearns to set things right.

Inspire us, Lord, to greet
forgotten ones, who wait
at cheerless margins of the world
yet close to heaven's gate.

Lord, build a bridge with us
across the stream today!
Come, in the mystery of your grace,
and meet us on the way.

David Mowbray b. 1938
© David Mowbray / Jubilate Hymns


CCL# 3759295