Lord. have mercy: in your goodness
purify me from my sin,
wash away all my transgressions;
Lord, have pity, make me clean.
Well I know my sins: their memory
haunts my conscience all day long;
you alone have I offended,
done what you declare is wrong.

You are just in passing sentence,
holy in your solemn curse;
I, in truth, was born a sinner,
flawed, rebellious and perverse.
Teach my heart the inner wisdom
you desire that I should know;
purge my soul of sin's defilement,
wash me whiter than the snow.

Let the bones that you have broken
now their songs of joy outpour;
blot out all my sin and evil,
on my failures look no more.
Lord, create a heart within me
steadfast, pure - completely new;
take not back your Holy Spirit,
ever keep me close to you.

Make me glad in your salvation,
make my heart obedient, too;
then shall I teach other sinners
who shall hear and turn to you.
O my Saviour God, absolve me
from my part in sin and death;
Lord, inspire my lips to praise you
all the while you give me breath.

There's no offering I can bring you,
none finds favour in your eyes;
but a broken, contrite spirit
you, O God, will not despise.
Bless and prosper all your people,
O transform us in your love!
Then shall we be living offerings
to delight our God above.

from Psalm 51
David G Preston
© D.G. Preston / admin The Jubilate Group
8 7 8 7 D Trochaic
Suggested tunes: BLAENAVON, IN MEMORIAM (Caradog Roberts)

CCL# 1534866