Lord, in every generation
you have raised up men and women
and anointed them to serve you
in an extra special way.
While the many seek to follow
and are faithful to their calling,
some are specially blessed and gifted
to be leaders in their day.

When your church has lost her vision
and when formalism binds her;
when we need a fresh outpouring
of the Holy Spirit's power;
Lord, have mercy on our weakness
and our need for fresh direction;
send a trumpet voice to stir us
to the challenge of the hour.

So we celebrate today, Lord,
how three hundred years ago now
from the rectory at Epworth
you raised up just such a man.
As a brand plucked from the burning,
heart aflame with love for Jesus
and a passion for the gospel,
so John Wesley's work began.

Scholar, writer, teacher, leader,
bold evangelist and preacher,
offering Christ to all, and spreading
holiness throughout the land.
Common people flocked to hear him,
lives were changed and churches fashioned;
and your Spirit brought renewal
as the spreading flame was fanned.

Lord, in this our generation,
though the centuries divide us,
still we need what Wesley brought us
if we would fulfil our call.
Keep us faithful to that vision,
always open to the Spirit;
let this be our constant mission:
All for Christ and Christ for all!

Brian Hoare

© Brian Hoare / Jubilate Hymns

8 8 8 7 D

John Wesley was born in 1703 and Brian Hoare, a senior Methodist and Jubilate member, wrote this hymn to mark the 300th anniversary. It is likely to find its chief use in Methodist churches which pay especial honour to Wesley's memory.

CCL# 4224860