1 Lord of our growing years,
with us from infancy,
laughter and quick-dried tears,
freshness and energy:
your grace surrounds us all our days
for all your gifts we bring our praise.

2 Lord of our strongest years,
stretching our youthful powers,
lovers and pioneers
when all the world seems ours:

3 Lord of our middle years,
giver of steadfastness,
courage that perseveres
when there is small success:

4 Lord of our older years,
steep though the road may be,
rid us of foolish fears,
bring us serenity:

5 Lord of our closing years,
always your promise stands;
hold us when death appears,
safely within your hands:

David Mowbray (born 1938)
© David Mowbray/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 2854799