1 Lord of the cross of shame,
set my cold heart aflame
with love for you, my saviour and my master;
who on that lonely day
bore all my sins away,
and saved me from the judgement and disaster.

2 Lord of the empty tomb,
born of a virgin's womb,
triumphant over death, its power defeated;
how gladly now I sing
your praise, my risen king,
and worship you, in heaven's splendour seated.

3 Lord of my life today,
teach me to live and pray
as one who knows the joy of sins forgiven;
so may I ever be,
now and eternally,
one with my fellow - citizens in heaven.

Michael Saward (born 1932)
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
6 6 11 D

CCL# 649226