1 Lord of the earth's resources,
of oil and wheat and trees;
Lord of all nature's forces
and of the seven seas,
we contemplate with wonder
the skies, the everglade,
confessing that we plunder
the good earth you have made.

2 We ransack God's creation,
pollute the atmosphere;
then, in blank consternation,
protest when faults appear.
The bowls of dust grow broader,
strong chemicals defile;
the seasons in disorder
withdraw their friendly smile.

3 Forgive, Lord, our wrongdoing,
indifference and greed
and for the earth's renewing
make stony hearts to bleed.
We'll dedicate our labours
to make the desert flower
and with our global neighbours
we'll work towards that hour.

4 Yet, Lord, so much in nature
we cannot halt or change:
floods, earthquakes, storms bewilder -
destructive, sudden, strange.
Lord of the earth's resources
we ask, astonished, why ?
Amid these mighty forces
teach us humility.

5 Praise, praise to God the Father,
praise Jesus Christ, the Son
and praise the Lord, the Giver
of life, the Holy One.
God's love from the beginning
looks far beyond the Fall
and, in the end, is winning
a homeland for us all.

David Mowbray b. 1938

Suggested tune: PENLAN

© David Mowbray/ Jubilate Hymns

7 6 7 6 D

CCL# 3759305