1 Lord of the heights, we sing your glory,
led by the light our eyes have seen;
creatures of fire and flame cry 'Holy',
circling the throne from which you reign:
so let the earth be filled with glory
shine on our world, most holy One!

2 Lord of the depths, we praise your mercy,
drawn by the love our hearts have found;
once you embraced the tree of glory,
reaching our guilt with nail-pierced hand:
judgement for sin; for sinners, mercy
speak to our world, great King enthroned!

3 Lord over all, we preach your glory,
roused by the truth our ears have heard;
news of a victory won so dearly,
news of a hope that must be shared:
Jesus our gospel, Christ our glory
come to our world, triumphant Lord!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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