1 Lord, speak softly to my soul;
tell me more of that first Christmas night
when a warm breath of peace covered Bethlehem,
and the hills came alive with your light.

2 Lord, speak slowly; draw me near,
let me share in the joy of your birth:
did you know, even then, you would bear my shame -
did you weep for the sins of this earth?

3 Lord, speak gently; lead me on,
guide me straight to that rough stable door;
let me gaze on that low, holy manger bed
where the royal Son of God slept on straw.

4 Lord, speak clearly, teach me now,
hear my prayer; let my love overflow:
then my anthem will rise on the pure clear air,
as I pledge back the life that I owe.

© Angela Griffiths / The Jubilate Group

CCL# 991802