Lord, you enjoyed a Sabbath rest
when your creating work was done;
and now you've set this day apart,
special to you, the Holy One.
Your mercies every day are new -
O Father, how we worship you!

This was the day your glorious Son
so humbly on a donkey rode:
King for his people sacrificed,
bringing salvation, peace with God.
Shine on us now, our praise renew -
from darkness called to follow you.

This is the day when Jesus rose
and trod satanic powers down.
See, he has set us free from sin
and through his cross secured our crown.
O Saviour, our hard hearts renew
with faith, and love that burns for you.

Then, at the feast of Pentecost,
a wind from God began to blow.
This is the day the church was born,
body of Christ to serve below.
O Spirit, breathe on us anew -
we have no life apart from you.

You have appointed us a day
when we shall enter heaven's rest:
there we shall gather round your throne,
there sit each one as Jesus' guest.
Lord, week by week our walk renew
until we share that rest with you.

© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 8 8 8 8 8 8
Tune: GREENHILL (John Barnard) or MELITA