1 Lowly Jesus, King of glory,
born on earth a little child,
in your mother's arms a-sleeping,
pure and gentle, undefiled:
how I long, Lord, to adore you,
and to see you fast asleep,
like the shepherds round your manger,
leaving hillside, leaving sheep!

2 Loving Jesus, be my Master,
loving Jesus, be my King;
let me come close to your cradle,
hear the good news angels bring:
peace, goodwill from God in heaven
to all people here on earth,
through the coming of a baby,
through his lowly stable birth.

3 Precious Jesus, be my Saviour-
in your mercy heal my sin;
please forgive me for my failures-
may your Spirit enter in.
Gift of wonder, gift of glory,
born to give us heavenly grace!
How I wish I were a wise man
to behold you face to face!

4 Holy Jesus, my Redeemer
in a manger for a bed,
ox and ass may bow before you-
but no pillow for your head.
God's own Son who came to save me,
let your Spirit rule my heart;
let my body be your dwelling,
and your love fill every part.

Christopher Porteous
© Christopher Porteous / Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 992007