1 Mercy and peace from heaven's king
to those who waited long!
Angels on high were first to sing
on earth Messiah's song.
Lift up your eyes! See dawn at last,
the morning has begun!
This weary world's long night is past;
to us is born a Son.

2 People of every tongue and race
find Israel's dreams come true;
God's covenant of saving grace
makes all creation new.
Nations, arise! Acclaim the light,
in gloom no longer stay;
Gentile and Jew, receive your sight,
and darkened souls, the day!

3 Jesus the child of Bethlehem,
the man from Galilee,
comes to redeem Jerusalem
and make all cities free.
Trust in the ancient promises,
obey the present word:
life from the dead in Christ our peace,
our glory and our Lord.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd