1 My heart is ready, O my God:
let songs of joy be born,
let music sound from strings and voice
I will awake the dawn!

2 Across the continents I sing,
and growing praise shall rise;
for your great love spans earth and heaven,
your truth surmounts the skies.

3 O God, be praised above the heavens;
let glory fill the earth,
and help and save with your right hand
the race you brought to birth.

4 God speaks from his pure sanctuary
to claim both west and east:
'The mountains and the plains are mine,
the greatest and the least.'

5 'My people are my battle - dress,
my sceptre, helm and sword;
while rebel nations have become
a footstool for the Lord!'

6 Who else can give us victory
and break the strongholds down?
O God, if you reject us now
we cannot fight alone.

7 How useless is all human help
when facing stubborn wrong!
But we shall triumph in the Lord,
and God shall be our song.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 108
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 1051057