My soul in stillness waits for God alone,
my rock, my one salvation, my defence:
assailed I am, but never overthrown,
though they would fell me like some tottering fence; they plan my end, deceivers and perverse,
who speak as friends, while in their hearts they curse.

My soul, in stillness wait for God alone,
my shield against the evil they intend;
with such a hope I shan't be overthrown:
on him my life and honour both depend;
then trust in God at all times, you his saints:
pour out your hearts to him, our sure defence.

All human boasts are emptiness and lies,
and as for wealth, ill-gotten or hard-earned,
don't set your heart on such a hollow prize; once God has spoken, two things have Iearned: that power is yours, and steadfast love, O Lord, and you will give to all their due reward.

from Psalm 62
© David G Preston / admin The Jubilate Group

Suggested tune: UNDE ET MEMORES (W H Monk)

CCL# 4493804