Never was cause for such delight -
look how dawn dispels the night
as the Messiah, long foretold,
prophesied from days of old,
Jesus is born in Bethlehem -
Son of God most High his Name!

Shepherds to whom the angels sing,
hear the joyful news they bring;
come to the manger, quickly run,
worship Christ, the Holy One.
Jesus is born in Bethlehem,
Lord and Shepherd is his Name!

Wise men who saw the Star of light,
trace its beams across the night;
come where it leads and humbly bow,
give the child your homage now.
Jesus is born in Bethlehem,
glorious Prince of Peace his Name.

Let all the church with heart and voice
come together and rejoice:
we are redeemed through sacrifice -
Christ himself has paid the price,
Jesus is born in Bethlehem -
Saviour of the world his Name!

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 878787

CCL# 6246224