1 New light has dawned, the Son of God is here,
A holy light no earthly light outshines;
The light has dawned, the light that casts out fear,
The light that evil dreads and love defines.

2 The light of glory shines to angels' song,
The shepherds run to where a baby lies;
A servant of the Lord, who waited long,
Acclaims the light to lighten Gentile eyes.

3 And priestly men sit listening to a boy,
They see the dawning light within his face.
Such words they hear those Christ-child lips employ!
Amazing words of wisdom, truth and grace.

4 O Christ, the light who came to us on earth,
Shine through the shadow cast by human sin;
Renew the faith you gave at our new birth,
Destroy the dark, and let your light come in.

Paul Wigmore
© Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns
10 10 10 10 Iambic

Originally written for the tune WEST ASHTON (Barnard).


CCL# 3122372