1 No fear of God before the eyes,
no penitence within:
such is the one no longer wise,
whose words are treachery and lies,
who never grieves for sin.

2 Your love, O Lord, shall never sleep,
nor shall your mercy cease;
your truth is like the mighty deep,
and like the rocky mountain steep
your steadfast righteousness.

3 Beneath the shadow of your wings
our refuge is most sure;
refreshed by your reviving springs
and all the joy your mercy brings
our future is secure.

4 Continue, Lord, your love to me,
for you are all my trust;
grant us the light we need, to see
how good you are, and still shall be
to those you count as just.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 36
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3812352