1 No stone left on another,
but every one thrown down;
with brother killing brother
while kings and empires drown:
here is the news, the story
this Jesus has to tell:
the only path to glory,
across the brink of hell.

2 A perfume - bearing daughter
anoints him for his doom;
a man who fetches water
reveals an upper room.
We know who will deny him,
we know who will betray;
but when they crucify him
all hell is on display.

3 The cup that he has taken
points well beyond that night;
the cry of one forsaken
obliterates the light.
Among us is there any
prepared to call him friend?
His blood is shed for many;
his kingdom seems to end.

4 The women in the morning
have fears about a stone;
the week is hardly dawning
before they find him gone.
But opened is the prison
and nothing stays the same;
this Jesus - he is risen!
He comes, and speaks my name.

5 By stones and graves and dying
we mark our time and place;
repent, for days are flying!
rejoice, for years of grace!
And while the earth is turning
and heaven is soon to be,
in Jesus we are learning
the songs of victory.

Christopher Idle from Mark 13 - 16
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
7 6 7 6 D Iambic
Tune choice: WOLVERCOTE


CCL# 2939205