Now is the time, the time of God's favour,
   promise and hope for a people restored;
   let us repent, and turn back to the Saviour,
   truly to welcome the year of our Lord!

1 This is the day of Jesus' arrival;
here in the desert, the threshold of home.
After earth's longings comes heaven's revival;
God, make us ready this day as you come!

2 Here is the hour, the hour of salvation;
learn the new song for new people to sing:
risen from death is the Source of creation;
lift up your heads for the hour of the King!

3 Do not delay, but come now to meet him,
Sabbath and Jubilee joining in one;
Christmas and Easter and Advent will greet him;
see a fresh universe rise to the Son!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
10. 10. 11. 10.

CCL# 3232138