1 O God and Saviour of us all,
we turn to you today.
Sustain us with your loving care,
that in the pain we have to bear,
we feel your presence near.

2 Since grief and loss have brought us here 
we bring our heavy hearts, 
with sorrows of the recent past 
and memories that will surely last 
until we meet again.

3 As we remember here and now,
Christ's victory over death,
remind us of the greater hope
which helps our aching hearts to cope
and leads us into joy.

4 As we commend her* to your love,
in trust and faith made real,
receive her* with your outstretched arm
to rise again beyond all harm
where rest and peace are found.

*or him

words © Gordon Giles / Jubilate
music arrangement © David Peacock / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7142933