O God of love, our strength and guide
through all the changes of this life,
we come to you with griefs and joys,
in times of peace and times of strife.
And when the days of sorrow come,
grant us the faith to trust your love,
to see beyond our falling tears
and glimpse the light of heaven above.

Good Shepherd still, in all life's storms,
when clouds and darkness hide our way,
your love is with us, though unseen,
and never fails by night or day.
Nothing on earth, in life or death,
not depths below, nor heights above,
can hide us from your watchful eye,
nor separate us from your love.

Irene Jarvis
Meter: 8 8 8 8 D (DLM)

(c) Irene Jarvis/admin.The Jubilate Group

CCL# 7088658