1 O God of strength and everlasting kindness, 
we come to you with hearts and minds unsure.
May your great love surround and ease the anxious
and be the light that shines through shuttered doors. 

2 When worries surge and all is in disorder, 
when circumstance is more than we can bear,
when in the storm we cannot find safe harbour,
we ask for your protection and your care.

3 When life itself torments and overwhelms us,
when stressful days consume our fragile souls,
in conflict, pain and turmoil, Lord, remind us
of faith and hope that make the broken whole.

4 When paranoia undercuts our senses, 
when it is hard to fathom what is true,
we have no strength to mend our tired defences:
we ask for peace to draw us close to you.   

5 O God of life, who summons light from darkness,
you do not flinch at all we hold within. 
Your grace is stronger than our every weakness,   
and where we end, we know you can begin.

Lucy Hannah
Alternative tune:  O PERFECT LOVE

CCL# 7184925