O Lord, who by your lakeside word
called fishermen to follow you;
whose summons passionate Simon heard
with faith and courage to pursue;
help us to hear your voice today,
to gladly seek your kingdom's way.

Jesus, whose glory Simon - blessed
by light divine, not flesh and blood -
upon the rock of faith confessed,
'You are the Christ, the Son of God':
grant us to know you truthfully
and build your Church eternally.

Lord Christ, who knew your kingdom's way
would lead to suffering, death and loss,
to Peter's cry in deep dismay,
you bade him come, take up the cross:
rebuke us for our faithless pride
that tempts us to desert your side.

O Christ, who looked on Peter's face
when thrice denied, as you foretold,
you met him in that shameful place,
to leave him weeping, once so bold:
be with us when we fail and fall
and by your mercy guard us all.

Lord, by the lakeside risen again,
your question comes to test our will,
with Peter, bringing joy and pain:
'Yes, Lord: you know we love you' - still:
Saviour, forgive, entrust and send,
and keep us faithful to the end.

Christopher M Jones (1954-2012)

© Mrs J Jones/admin The Jubilate Group
8 8 8 8 8 8 (MELITA)
(A Hymn for St Peter's College, Oxford)

CCL# 7071087