1 'O bless the Lord, my soul!' I sing,
and worship day and night
my God arrayed in majesty
and robed in glorious light:

2 For like a tent you spread the sky,
on chariot clouds you ride;
and by the wind, your messenger,
your truth is prophesied.

3 You bind the sea, or loose the storm
in lightning's primal flame;
the rising spring and flowing stream
cry glory to your name.

4 O mighty Lord of every land,
you know our human need,
and all the creatures of the earth
you guide and tend and feed.

5 The sun and moon appear and set
controlled by hidden force;
the stars declare your faithfulness,
consistent in their course.

6 Yet what you give, O sovereign Lord,
your power can take away;
our very lives belong to you
until our dying day.

7 So let me sing your worthy praise,
your matchless grace extol
till all creation join the hymn:
'O bless the Lord, my soul!'

After Psalm 104, Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns