1 O come let us sing to the Lord,
Let us worship the Rock of Salvation,
And enter His presence with praise,
With thanksgiving and great jubilation.

2 The Lord is our Maker and King,
He is mighty, the God of creation;
The earth and the oceans are His,
And the people of each race and nation.

3 O come let us fall at His feet,
Let us own Him our Lord and our Master;
For we are the sheep of His hand,
Ever kept by His power from disaster.

4 Today let us heed what He says,
And not harden our hearts by complaining,
Like those who rebelled at His word
In the desert His goodness disdaining.

5 They tried Him and tested His love,
And rejected the word He had spoken,
Their hearts they had turned from His ways,
And His excellent law they had broken.

6 The Lord in His anger declared
'They shall never inherit my blessing';
May we not be stubborn, O Lord,
But obey You, Your great Name confessing.

After Venite , James Seddon (1915 - 1983)
© Mavis Seddon/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 965931