1 O God, hear me calling and answer, I pray!
No distance can silence the words that I say,
no mountain, no ocean can hinder my prayer
when deep is my sorrow and dark my despair.

2 When trouble comes near me and enemies taunt,
Lord, you are the fortress no evil can daunt;
and safe on the rock that is higher than I
your strength is my hope as you answer my cry.

3 For Lord you have heard all the vows I have made
my thoughts and intentions when homage I paid;
with all who have lived by the fear of your name,
Lord, grant all my prayers as your praise I proclaim!

4 I long for the day when your dwelling is mine,
your wings for a shelter, your presence a shrine;
I praise you on earth for your mercy and grace:
what blessings I'll sing as I look on your face!

After Psalm 61, Paul Wigmore (born 1925)
© Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns
11 11 11 11 Anapaestic

CCL# 3835858