1 O God, we give you thanks and praise,
because your name is ever near,
that name of wonder that we hear
revealed in all your works and ways.

2 "When comes the time that I ordain,
my righteous judgement shall prevail;
when earth and all its people quail,
its trembling pillars I sustain.

3 "'No longer boast,' I tell the proud;
I tell the wicked: 'Do not rise
in wild revolt against the Skies,
nor voice your high disdain aloud.'"

4 For neither from the east nor west
come earthly honours or renown;
but God the Judge puts one man down
and raises one above the rest.

5 For in the Lord's hand there's a cup
that brims with foaming, well-mixed wine;
and all the wicked and malign
shall drink that deadly potion up.

6 His name in songs of joy be praised,
for Jacob's God is ever true:
the wicked shall receive their due,
to honour shall the just be raised.

from Psalm 75
© David G Preston / admin The Jubilate Group

Tune suggestion: BOW BRICKHILL (S H Nicholson)