O gracious God, we lift our voices high,
to praise your work in earth and sea and sky;
in music's tones, your triumphs we proclaim,
as we acknowledge your all-glorious name.

Eternal Jesus, crucified for all,
to your disciples, gone beyond recall;
to doubting eyes, you showed your power to save,
emerging free, the third day, from the grave.

Come, Holy Spirit, energize our search
that we may find your presence in the Church,
and, to the world, bring meaning from despair
as Christ's good news is taken everywhere.

Now, through your gospel-message, we belong;
we are your people and we sing your song.
So, we adore you, glorious Trinity,
and cry 'Amen', for all eternity.

Michael Saward

© Michael Saward/ admin. The Jubilate Group
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