1 O Jesus, king most wonderful
and conqueror renowned;
O sweetness inexpressible
in whom all joys are found!

2 When you draw near and touch the heart
then truth begins to shine;
then this world's vanities depart,
then kindles love divine.

3 O Jesus, light of all below,
the fount of living fire,
surpassing all the joys we know
and all we can desire.

4 Jesus, may all confess your name,
your tender love adore,
and seeking you, themselves inflame
to seek you more and more.

5 O Jesus whom our voices bless,
whom we would love alone;
for ever let our lives express
the image of your own.

Jubilate Hymns version of 'O Jesu, king most wonderful', Edward Caswall (1814 - 1878) translated from Jesu, dulcis memoria Bernard of Clairvauv (1090 - 1153)
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CCL# 4353889