1 O Lord I love You, my strength, O rock and fortress of mine!
The Saviour God, the rock in whom I hide!
The shield and stronghold I need, He saves me from every foe:
I call the Lord! He’s worthy of our praise.
   I was held tight fast by the bonds of death,
   Its waves were sweeping me away;
   In distress I called on my God for help,
   Within His house He heard my cry.

2 The earth was rocking below, the mountains trembled in fear,
They shook and reeled beneath the wrath of God!
With smoke His breathing came forth, His mouth with scorching gave heat;
He rent the skies! Descended and came down!
   And the righteous God set me over them,
   Subdued the enemies I feared;
   He exalted me up above my foes,
   Delivered me from violent men!

3 I’ll bring You praises, O Lord, among the nations of earth,
And to Your Name I’ll sing a psalm of love!
Your love is steadfast and sure, and victory follows Your own —
You are our King — both now and evermore!

CCL# 1092700