1 O Lord! My God and King,
I'll praise you evermore,
each day your praises sing,
your holy name adore:
beyond our power to contemplate,
how great the Lord! His praise how great!

2 Your great historic deeds
from age to age are taught:
your glory far exceeds
the scale of human thought;
so generous is the God we bless,
so faithful in his righteousness!

3 The Lord is full of grace,
his kindness has no bounds,
his anger he delays,
his steadfast love abounds;
to every creature he has made
the Lord's compassion is displayed.

4 Your glory they declare,
and with your saints make known
to people everywhere
what wonders you have done:
your kingdom, glorious in its power,
through all the ages shall endure.

5 He makes the fallen rise;
all living things he feeds:
to him they lift their eyes,
his hand supplies their needs;
so is his faithful love displayed
to every creature he has made.

6 The Lord is near to all
who come in simple prayer;
he hears his people's call,
the wicked he'll not spare:
let every living soul adore
his holy name for evermore.

David G Preston (born 1939) from Psalm 145
© David Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
66 66 88

CCL# 2452627