1 O praise the Lord! Sing praises!
How good to praise our God!
How fitting and how pleasing
to sing his praise aloud!
He builds the walls of Zion
and seeks her wandering sons,
he binds their wounds, and comforts
the broken-hearted ones.

2 The stars of heaven he numbers,
and calls them each by name;
his boundless power and wisdom
his marvellous works proclaim;
the Lord sustains the humble
but casts the wicked down;
give thanks to him, adore him,
and sing his great renown!

3 The sky with cloud he covers,
he gives the earth its rain,
and makes the grass grow freely
on hillside and on plain;
he knows his creatures' hunger:
he feeds both beast and bird,
for in God's very throne-room
the raven's cry is heard.

4 No human power or prowess
delights the Lord above;
his joy are those who fear him
and trust him for his love.
Extol the Lord, O Zion,
in hymns declare your praise
to God whose peace and bounty
are with us all our days.

5 To earth he sends his order,
it flies there in a flash:
he spreads the sparkling snow-field
and scatters frost like ash;
he flings the hurtling hail-stones,
his ice grips all below;
he sends his word to melt them:
again the waters flow.

6 His word by revelation
to Israel he made known,
in sovereign goodness forming
a people of his own;
O praise the Lord! Sing praises!
The Lord our God adore,
our Maker, our Redeemer,
our King for evermore!

David G Preston (born 1939) based on a psalm from The Psalter Hymnal (1987) from Psalm 147
© David Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3344497