1 O sing a new song,
O sing to the LORD;
O sing, all the earth:
His name be adored!
Tell forth his salvation
As day follows day;
Among all the peoples
His wonders display.

2 For great is the LORD,
Most worthily praised,
More awesome than gods
The heathen have raised;
The LORD made the heavens,
So great is his might,
And dwells amid majesty,
Beauty and light.

3 Ascribe to the LORD,
All nations on earth,
Due glory and strength,
Due honour and worth;
Let all the earth seek him,
With offerings draw near,
In holiness worship
And bow down with fear.

4 Proclaim to all lands:
'The LORD reigns today!
This earth shall be freed
From change and decay:
His justice is coming'
O heavens, rejoice,
And oceans re-echo
With thunderous voice!

5 Then forest and field
For gladness shall sing
To welcome the LORD,
Their Maker and King;
For by his true judgment
At last shall be weighed
All lands and all peoples,
The world that he made.

Psalm 96, David G. Preston
© D.G. Preston/Jubilate Hymns
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