1 O sing to the LORD,
O sing a new song,
O praise him, you saints,
That to him belong!
Be glad in your Maker,
Rejoice in your King,
With harp and with timbrel
Make music and sing!

2 For those who are his
The LORD shows his care;
He raises the meek
His victory to share:
In God's mighty triumph
His saints shall delight,
Extolling their Saviour
By day and by night.

3 With praise in their hearts
New victories they win:
They conquer the hordes
Of darkness and sin,
Whose rulers to judgment
At last shall be brought;
God's saints then shall glory
In all he has wrought.

4 Then sing to the LORD,
O sing a new song:
To his name alone
Our praises belong!
Praise God our Creator,
His name be adored!
Praise God all-victorious,
Sing praise to the LORD!

Psalm 149, David G. Preston
© D.G. Preston/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 2286862