1 O Son of God we too would gather round you
Like those who gathered round your manger bed,
Summoned by choirs of angel hosts from heaven
Like kings who came, who were by starlight led.
Like them we gaze in awe and adoration
To see the baby born in Bethlehem.
He took our flesh, he shared our human sorrows,
His birth reveals God's love, God's peace to sinful men.

2 O lamb of God we too would kneel before you
As shepherds knelt on that first Christmas morn
Hearing the songs of angel choirs in heaven
Who bring their praise, for Christ the King is born.
Like them we come to bring our praise and worship,
For God is here, we greet him face to face.
Behold his love within a lowly manger
Much more than we deserve, here lies his wondrous grace.

3 O Son of man, we too would seek your presence
As long ago men thronged your earthly days
Seeking your help, your miracles of healing
By quiet lake in busy city ways.
Like them we come our varied burdens bearing
Knowing that you and you alone can heal,
Needing your healing touch, your words of comfort
To every seeking heart yourself dear Lord reveal.

Christopher Porteous (born 1935), after a poem by Faith Brettell
© C. Porteous/Jubilate Hymns

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CCL# 3955893