O Star of Bethlehem, shed your light, we pray,
on Jesus the Christ-child born on Christmas Day,
Beacon of life, Beacon so bright,
Hope eternal in his sight.

God gave his Son to save the world,
Wonderful Counsellor, our King, on him we depend,
The Prince of Peace, Redeemer and Friend.

O Star of Bethlehem, beam bright and clear,
Guide the travellers from both far and near,
Beacon of peace, Beacon in the night,
Hope eternal in your light.

God gave......

O Star of Bethlehem, reveal the Child Divine
who is remembered now in bread and wine,
Beacon of joy, Beacon high above,
Hope eternal, signal of his love.

God gave......

John Curtis (b.1939)
© John Curtis / admin. The Jubilate Group

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