1 Of loyal love and justice,
O Lord, shall be my song;
I dwell on your perfections
for you, O Lord, I long!
May my whole life be blameless,
and pure my every aim;
be far from me all evil,
all crookedness and shame.

2 The whispering voice of slander
shall do its work no more,
the haughty voice and proud heart
no more shall I endure;
I look for faith and honour
in those that serve with me:
the one whose life is blameless
my counsellor shall be.

3 For I will never welcome
deceivers and their lies:
and none who utters falsehood
will stand before my eyes;
but in our courts may evil
receive its due reward
and wickedness give place to
the city of the Lord.

David G Preston (born 1939) from Psalm 101
© David Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
76 76 D

CCL# 3286201