1 Off to David's town they go,
hurrying down the Bethlehem road,
shepherds run eagerly to seek out the new-born king.
Stumbling on cheerfully through the cold night,
travelling on closer to Bethlehem's light,
thankful to Gabriel who told them the news,
that a king was born today.
Angels sang, steeples rang,
shepherds ran to welcome Jesus,
holy boy brought their joy
all for Jesus the king who's born today!

2 How will they find the baby there
lots of different places in Bethlehem?
No need to fear the angel gave them a holy sign:
'Search for a manger,' the angel said,
'there in a stable he'll lay his head!'
Only a cattle shed with manger for Jesus,
the king who's born today!

Peter Ratcliffe (born 1958)
© Peter Ratcliffe/Jubilate Hymns
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