Oh lead me in your will, Redeemer,
nor let me from your bidding flee,
but in your power and mercy reach me
if this proud heart should disagree.

Oh pluck me from the angry waters,
for I would serve your perfect will,
and bring the souls my pride has wounded
into your harbour safe and still.

Set me among the lost and helpless
and through me speak to them your word,
that all your wrath may melt in mercy
when broken sinners name you Lord.

You sheltered me though I defied you.
Why should you for a single day ?
The grain that feeds, the vine that shades me
are yours to give or take away.

In this poor heart, so loth to pity,
put self to death and claim your throne.
To judge, command, chastise and pardon
are yours by right and yours alone.

Hilary Jolly b. 1945
© Hilary Jolly / Jubilate Hymns

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